About our Head Coach
Vincent Grigsby

Vincent Grigsby started coaching football in 2009, as a junior varsity assistant at St. Bernard High School. While at St. Bernard, he was the only coach retained by three different head coaches. In 2014, as the varsity offensive coordinator, his offenses averaged 400 yards per game, 200 of those as rushing yards. In 2015, Coach Grigsby moved on to Santa Monica College as an offensive line assistant under Head Coach Gifford Lindheim. SMC finished 11-0, and had the best offensive attack in California. In 2016, Coach Lindheim invited Grigsby to join his staff at El Camino College. The Warriors finished 2016 with an average of 190 rushing yards/game, and only allowed 16 sacks…two stats ranking 2nd in Central League play, the toughest league in California. At the end of 2016, Coach Grigsby started Smash Football Training to help sharpen the technique and expertise of youth offensive linemen.

Coaching Timeline:
2009-2014: St. Bernard High School (Varsity OC 2013-2014)
2015: Santa Monica College -Offensive Line Coach
2016-2017: El Camino College (Torrance)- Offensive Line Coach
2018-Present: Valley Christian High School (Cerritos)- Varsity OC/OL

What is SMASH?

SMASH is an acronym that Coach Grigsby developed while coaching the offensive line at St. Bernard High School. If you SMASH, you will be victorious. Simple as that! We use this same philosphy in our training. Your dominance is entirely dependent on your ability to SMASH!
You will compete as if you and your teammates are a well-oiled machine...perfectly bound to the task at hand.

You will not commit stupid penalties. No hitting after the play. No type of extracurricular activity that would harm your victory.

Although you never wish harm on your opponent, you will play with destructive intentions. 

You know your job, and you know how to get it done. Go to work like you own the place.

If losing, you will not give up. If winning, you will not let up. Heart is the most important element of SMASH.

If you SMASH , you will be victorious!